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An Endless Passion for Music
For Discovery, for People, for Life...

When this journey began I was on a path of self discovery and understanding, an awareness and motivation driven by purpose.

It hasn’t been an easy road as much has been sacrificed, much has been learned and so much has been lost. time, people, opportunities and so on.

I’m solely driven by a sense of purpose, love and passion for my Art.

I was a kid when my folks split up so my childhood ended quite abruptly after that , I grew up with no adult supervision so my development as a youth was very untraditional and raw. I had to grow up real quick and have a different outlook on life, having to deal with moving around a lot to different cities and countries gave me a sense of instability in my life. in reality these are just aspects of my character that make me unique because no situation in life is ever perfect.

The interest in music, pop culture and entertainment are the things that have remained constant throughout my life. not coming from a musical background I still embraced the culture fully at an early age as I was trying to understand my identity properly.

being a rapper/artist gives me an avenue to express myself and my journey in an artform that makes the summation of my existence into a mural. its quite enthralling when I look at it that way. for me it means a lot more than what I portray on the surface, there are many aspects about my journey I’ve purposely chosen to leave out in my music due to many reasons. in time all will reveal itself, but the fact is everything has led me to this moment in my life.

                              I was born to do this…….


It never ends

Passion never dies. It grows

Stay Hungry and Strong

I started rhyming in the fall of 2004 in the living room of a home I shared with my siblings. since then I’ve stopped, given up, quit, doubted myself, hated myself  many times. I’ve watched dozens of artists I’ve met along the way pack it up and have families, careers and move on with their lives. those are some of the same things I have also tried or attempted and failed at. it became clear to me that type of life is not my portion. the music has been with me for a very long time now. every disappointment, failed relationship, loss, heartbreak and tragedy.

                              Music has always been a part of me

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